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When we encounter the word accessibility, we realize that it comes from or derived from the word access. In general, this word is not alone, comes in context of technical or practical concepts normally associated with people with disabilities. 

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, accessibility is a noun denoting the quality of what is available. This, in turn, is an adjective indicates that to which it has access, easy to achieve. 

In computer science, programs that provide accessibility are tools or sets of tools that allow the holders of various deficiencies draw upon the resources that the computer offers. These tools can be screen readers for the visually impaired, virtual keyboards for people with physical disabilities or motor coordination difficulties, and speech synthesizers for people with speech problems. 

On the internet, the term accessibility also refers to W3C recommendations, which aim to allow everyone to have access to websites, whether or not a disability. RECOMMENDATIONS The approach from the font to be used, as its size and color, according to the necessities of the user, to recommendations on the code (HTML and CSS, for example).